Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stuck On a Island, Please Please Let It Be Me

One of the most historical moments in my Redheaded obsession issue is watching Tina Louise on Gilligans Island. When I was 10 years old or so I remember watching episodes and wishing I was stuck on the island with just her. Screw the goodie goodie Maryanne I wanted Ginger. Anyways I am not the only one and do yourself a favor DO NOT Google image search her. There are some wonderful pictures of her from the 50's-60's but the current pictures are so gruesome I almost lost my thing for Tina. DON'T DO IT. Just enjoy her as she was. Amazing


  1. As a redhead, I fhad the same desires re her, island and me . . . should've trusted you, god, what has she done to herself ??? What ever happened to growing old gracefully or at least naturally ??? Blech !!!

  2. No one ever listens to me so I guess you have learned a lesson.