Sunday, May 6, 2012

Iowa is Truly Out There.

So made it back in one piece.Torque Fest was great as well as our little road trip. Awesome shit included; Shooting trap at Camp Weasel, pooping in a bucket, riding the river road, sleeping in 2 inches of water, not sleeping enough, eating breakfast three times a day, walking 20 miles around the show, hanging with Noot, playing rock and roll, finding snakes in a tree, listening to good music with Shea, talking shop, making friends and getting back home. Thanks to Camp Weasel and John Wells for all things great this last week. Here is the first round of good stuff.

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  1. Don't Airstreams have plumbing? Ha ha . . . you guys rock - literally. Thanks for coming up - hope to see ya'll again real soon.