Thursday, May 10, 2012

Top 5 for last week

Was thinking about this today and didn't want to lose it. So top 5 most punk moments in history.

Number1. The Kingsmen song Louie Louie goes number one after 2 years of being released. Some dumb ass religious nut could not understand the lyrics and swore that the lyrics  were about satan and anal rape. Or something like that. What they did do is make every teenager in the world want to own that record. I believe they actually had the band and the record in court and were trying to understand the lyrics. The Sonics do a better version and I think they have the first ever breakdown ever in the middle.

Number2. The Sex Pistols on live Tele. So most of you people out there have seen the clip where Steve Jones calls the interviewer and dirty old twat. Every English blue collar male wanted to kill the pistols after that interview. Siouxsie Sue is wearing  tits on a t shirt which was mind blowing at a early age. The whole thing is crazy and I never really understood the reason why until right now. I don't really care for the pistols or the whole Sid and Nancy thing but the TV interview is classic

Number 3. The Clash sell out in NY. The Clash are one of my all time favorite bands. Sure not all of it is great but the good is so good it eclipses the bad. The Clash show up in Ny to play a stint of shows and end up playing for a month straight almost. They refused to cancel any shows and every body that bought a ticket got to see the Clash on Broadway. I dare say no band would do this now but Joe was a man among men and always was a rock in the band. There is a great DVD out about this time in the Clash and you should watch it for christ sakes.

Number 4. The Cro Mags release Age OF Quarrel. I think it came out in 1986. I got a copy of a copy on tape and played the shit out of that tape for years. I don't think they rewrote the formula for HC but they played it with so much energy and hate that it was a mind blowing experience for a young Ricky. It had elements of all my favorite bands of the time like Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Black Flag but some how a bunch of street smart urchins wrote the perfect Hard Core record. I still listen to it all the time and has never let me down. That is true and as punk as it gets in my book.

Number5. Iggy and the Stooges. Really that is all I should have to write. They are the ultimate in all things punk. Iggy is the Kieth Richards of the Punk world. Has done more drugs then anybody, has wrote some insanely good songs and is still at it. Throwing peanut Butter at people is punk, Wearing drag and dish washing gloves is punk, fucking some groupie on stage is totally punk, selling all your gear for dope is not punk, he has done it all. There is not a band I can name that does not say that the Stooges have  influenced them. Jello from DK once said that with out the Stooges he would have never got into music and with out the Dead Kennedys I would have never got into music so it all leads back to Iggy and the Stooges. The end.


  1. Brilliant mate, excelled yourself, great choice, well written and a nice twist on the top five theme.

  2. Thanks I am stretching it out every time I do one of these. I took some time to check out your blog. Very cool and you also have some very good taste in music. Ricky