Saturday, May 26, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Top 5 reasons to hate Motorcycles.

 Number1. Motorcycles cost money, and I mean cost allot a money. If you are like me I have to hustle, scrape, plea, ebay, and work my ass off to get my bikes going. I also do all the work so I can't even imagine if I had to pay someone to do it. That is why I understand my customers when they bring me there projects. Best plan is to have a plan. Don't just buy parts, have a good idea of what you are going to use so as to not buy shit you are not going to run. My shop is full of parts I ended up not using.

Number2. To build a proper chopper takes time. Unless you have a complete running motorbike then plan on it taking double the time you think. A rushed job will only bite you in the ass at the end. Buy the best quality parts you can and if that means saving a couple more bucks over a few weeks then just suck it up and do it.

Number 3. You will lose sleep.I will lay in bed and think of brackets or how the paint will look. Countless hours looking at pictures and then the customer always has there great ideas about how they want it. Not to even bring up when there is a issue with wiring or bad running motor. I have probably taking 10 years off my life just from stress related to motorcycles.

Number 4. Shit never ends. As soon as your bike is running super sweet something will shit the bed. Tires wear out, chain breaks, carb starts act like a coughing ass donkey. As soon as you think all is good and you can go 1000 miles the next block a wire breaks and you my friend are gonna be pushing that son of a bitch two wheeled pile of wasted money back to the garage into which it was born. To this I just except it and do my best to keep these things down to a minimum.

Number 5. Yes it is true motorcycles are fucking dangerous. I believe the lack of riding skills is the most dangerous part of the whole equation. Not to even start with old people, teenage black girls, school bus drivers, SUV commandos, other motorcyclists. All those people are trying to kill you, so what should you do? Never ride, I think not. I ride ever day if possible. With a bungee cord I can hold all kinds of shit. So things I have done to avoid getting creamed. Ride through someones lawn, jump curbs, slide in between cars, pass on the wrong side, make some noise, and generally just ride faster then they do. People in cars are stupid and they don't care whats going to happen if they hit you. This is the time of year you start hearing about folks out there dieing or getting all banged up. So take some time and learn your bike and to what level it can be thrown around, slid, accelerated, slowed and jump from. Good Day

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