Saturday, October 5, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

Working on on Plymouth a metric shit ton this week. Got it running and drove it. Adjusted the brakes, pulled starter out and had it looked at. Had two bad brushes and now should crank like a 6volt starter should. Dropped the tank out and flushed it for almost a full hour. The amount of shit that came out was unbelievable. Made some new tank straps since I broke the ones that were on it. Top 5 Saturday will be Top 5 Bands I wish I could have played guitar in past/present.

Number 1. Minor Threat

Number 2. The Scientist
Number 3 Starflyer 59
Number 4. The Cramps
Number 5. My Bloody Valentine

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  1. Diggin the new header shot buddy, dig the 'wishful' five as well.