Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blacktop I Miss You

I do recall the morning we left Santa Rosa NM to make our way home it was cold as hell out. I also remember how miserable hot the previous day had been so I was enjoying the early morning blast. Matt, Tony and I all were riding rigid choppers and we headed east then north then east again trying to make KC in one day. The first 2 hours was the most perfect ride you can have. The roads in NM are like fucking glass and the high desert is always amazing to go through. We passed other bikes on the road and just were knocking down the miles. The farther east we got the hotter it became. By 11 in the AM it was hot, like almost 90 out. What I remember most about that day was Tony's sissy bar falling off, Matt's carb falling off, and my Regulator pooping out two batteries. I rode the last two hundred miles with no lights and the generator putting out about 4 volts. Which was just enough it would fire if you were hauling ass with no lights. I sandwiched myself between the others and followed trucks once it got dark. This was really my first big boy bike trip. I think we did over 600 miles that day and we all made it home in one piece. Man Tony had one of the raddest Hondas on earth in this form. I bet his tailbone is still bruised from the really cool looking seat. I think I made a wad of extra padding out of towels from the motel wrapped up in a Anchor shirt then duct taped to the shit seat I had. Still was brutalized by it. I think it got to the point by the end that every bump in the road I screamed like a animal being slaughtered. Yet I still love trips and right now I would do anything to be on my bike. It was 39 degrees when I got up this morning and before we know it we will be up to our butts in snow. Ugh
July 2010

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