Monday, October 21, 2013

Norton Drops On The World

Well I tried to hang on for my 1000th post on this here blog. Well we are at 1002 now and the Norton is fucking done. Well how about my end is down. Did the last of the wiring and all the cables last week and Russ the fellow in the pic is the owner came and picked it up. This is the longest project I have ever worked on clocking in at almost two solid years. Granted the motor was off getting rebuilt at Baxter for 1.5 of that. I literally have built, destroyed, rebuilt, manipulated, tweaked, fucked up every single piece on this bike. I built the hardtail, oil bag, rebuilt the 1940's girder, exhaust, controls, etc etc. When I say every piece I seriously mean every piece all the way down to the motor mounts. I will take some pics and vids of the bike running but for now I am gonna breath a little easier. I have to say that it looks fast just sitting there and I assure you that it is going to be fast as fuck.  I will openly admit to being a chopper snob but this bike isn't really a chopper, or a bobber, or a board track racer but it has the themes of all of those. I want to just say it is a Anchor bike and leave it at that. Enjoy


  1. Anchor aweigh . . . it's a fucking motorcycle man, and a cool one at that, unique and totally you, congrats buddy, stoked for you.

  2. The bike fits the dude. Now he just needs a set of those weird wrenches . . .