Saturday, October 26, 2013

Top 5 Week Of Halloween

 The week of Halloween is always a good time around here. Kids are going ape shit waiting and it is fun seeing them so excited. Tuesday I turn 40 fucking years old. I am not looking forward to it. It feels like I am staring into the mouth of death and that feeling of mortality is the only thing that is certain. Ian my little guy turns 4 on Nov 1st and he has been so excited. He made up a saying yesterday that he thinks is hilarious. After he is done with a sentence he says" Bam Out". How do they come up with this stuff.
Top 5 Reasons To Love Halloween

Number 1. Well the Dead Kennedys said it best in a song. You can dress anyway you'd like for one day a year. You better plan all year for next Halloween. I remember the "cool" kids dressing up like punk rockers in middle school. They sucked and even playing dress up they would get it wrong. 

Number 2. FREE FUCKING CANDY- What else is there to say., Yes I will be 40 and yes I admit the first thing I do after the kids get home is raid there bags. Bottle caps are my favorite. One little perk for changing thousands of shitty diapers. CANDY CANDY CANDY Even with that being said we will still have the ghetto stuff around till Feb.

Number 3. In my early 20's when I was at the height of my social outgoing self. I would always have a couple of parties to go to on Halloween night. Granted I never drank or whatever but I loved being offensive and so did my friends. One particular year we went down to Hollywood where they shut down a few blocks and there is a big street party and such. I dress up as the VietCong and my best friend dressed up as Superman in a wheel chair. Granted Superman had just been in that accident. I got a pair of Dickies and cut at the bottom to make them all ragged. White tshirt and rolled around on the ground, flip flops and a toy AK. Found a rice patty hat and then drew on a wee little scum Fu Manchu stache. God it was fucking hilarious. In that one single night we almost got in like 10 fights and at the end he actually got pushed off of a stage at a contest because it was that offensive. 

Number 4. Girls tend to get all trashy on this day. Everyone of them is like" I'm a sexy nurse". Or " I am sexy vampire", I'm a sexy stupid slut". Whatever right who am I to say they can't dress all trashy. Why can't someone out there be a trashy sexy Winona Ryder circa 1990.

Number 5. For the most part our riding season is done. The afternoons warm up just enough to go ride a little bit. Halloween is always the cut off for bike projects. Not gonna lie I have some crazy shit coming up so look out. Shop is almost moved and this Death Star is almost fully operational.

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  1. Always a Top 5 fan, love #1, so true about the guys who used to put shit on me getting it wrong two years later . . . lets be really rad and dress punk !!!