Saturday, October 19, 2013

All Kinds Of New Shit Saturday

Well today was a good day. After all kinds of work my shop at home is ready to be moved into. Started last week just grabbing stuff and over the next month or so I will be all set up at home. I am gonna have to purge a lot of stuff. Still my shop at home is bigger then any shop I have ever been in.  Next was the digging out of the flathead motor. Last week just in passing I told Eric Meyers I wanted to put a flathead back in the 51 and he drops some shit like" Well I have one sitting in the shop if you want it it's yours". WTF so now I have sworn by the spring the 51 will be rolling with a flathead and T5 behind it. The motor looks to be damn near turn key with all the majors there so I have a real good starting place. Turns over easy and I am still gonna blow it apart and do some speed tricks. So if you have been on board here you will recall the deer I slayed a few months back with my truck. Well today I got my new daily whip. 1977 F1 custom. I am already calling it the Tomato so I think it has stuck. For a midwest truck this fucking thing is solid as they come. Little bit of rust but solid where it counts. 300 inline 6 and 3 on the tree. Did a full service on it today and next I have to pull the heater core out and replace it. Everything but the heater works so it a pretty good start for my shop/work truck. Drives amazing for a truck and gets almost double what the 51 got gas mileage wise. So welcome her into the family and I hope she gets me through the winter. OG paint and interior except the sweet seat cover. Love old trucks and the long bed is LLLOOONNNGGGGGG. Almost took out some foreign car today because I did not realize the bed was 20 feet behind me still. I'll get the hang of it and if not it has the biggest heavy duty bumper ever so fuck that plastic dribble of a car you drive the TOMATO will destroy you. Swap meet tomorrow is the last one of the year. Boo summer is over.

Top 5 Saturday
Top 5 reasons to own a truck

Number 1. Old trucks have soul worked into them.

Number 2. If you have a truck most likely you have other cool things like motorcycles, dirtbikes, guns, or possibly more turcks.

Number 3. If you work on stuff then you willl have to haul crap. Trucks haul crap 

Number 4. Especially if it is old then the ease of working on it is even greater. This 1977 base model is about as simple as it gets. Not to mention you might be able to sleep next to the motor there is so much room in there.

Number 5. My grandpa had one just like this but mint green and white. Always liked it and now I got my own.

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  1. Nice work man, lovin it all . . . I had the '78, first of the 'Louisville' grills, and it was a great old bus, not much chop for economy with a 351 Clevo but it was a tough, mostly reliable old beast. Every bloke has an obligation to own a F-truck at least once !! Avagoodweekend Anchorman.