Saturday, October 12, 2013

Holy Batcycle Top 5 Saturday

After another week of work and tinkering on the Plymouth today is paint the walls in my shop at home, Still hasn't sunk in that I will be working from home real soon. Might be good might be bad. Going to the shop has always been my little getaway from reality. Anyways I had a funny conversation about TV shows I watched as a kid with Esther my oldest. So Top 5 TV shows I watched as a kid. She loves Batman as well as the boy. They were both terrified watching The Munsters. Warp there minds.

Number 1. The Munsters- 
Number 2. Chips
Number 3. Batman
Number 4. The A team
Number 5. Star Trek

1 comment:

  1. Classic about the Munsters . . . given our age difference, great five man, even I woulda been a A Team fan if I was your age when it came out.