Monday, February 10, 2014

Analog Man......

Think Noot took this on our journey to Sturgis. Shovel has already been changed two times since this picture. I can't leave anything alone. The color in this photo makes me happy and after this winter I truly fucking hate snow. Its good for nothing and besides the down time to work on your bike it is total bullshit. Todays high 18 degrees. Boo


  1. ain't kiddin' Ricky..this weather is beyond getting old. Im sure you really miss California with winters like this! That is a cool lookin pic for sure..Are you going to try and make it out to California this summer for the Born free show? Im thinking about making the journey this year..who knows.

  2. I am for sure. Shea is getting married the week before and then I split for Born Free. Gonna be my big trip this year.