Saturday, February 15, 2014

Up In Smoke

I fucking love motorcycles. Right now I just walked in from riding the 1981 MX 175. After many set backs I finally got it fired up and tuned in. Heat cycled it a few times then took off like a mother fucker. I have riding almost every type and brand motorcycle but there is nothing more fun then riding a dirt bike. Hanging it out and getting yourself a little bit scared is what makes me love it. Can you say POWERBAND, the fucking smoke, the smell, the sound of a 2 stroke bike is intoxicating and I can't believe I have been without a dirtsickle this long. Totally gonna destroy myself on this thing. Bring it on. The Tread on me sticker is because I fucking hates snakes. Yeah yeah they eat rodents and shit I don't care I hate them. So lets break this down by price:

Initial cost of bike 120
Repairs and parts 280
Parts Bike 100
Time spent about 20 hours.

I'm sorry but for 500 bucks spent that is the most fun you will ever have. Period, I've spent more on a fucking wheel.

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