Saturday, February 15, 2014

Top 5 Saturday

So I have been grinding in my head about all kinds of stuff lately so I thought I'd share how this works. This is always the same process and how I get so much shit done.

Number 1. The Big Idea- Right now it is how am I gonna get my truck built, get out to Born Free, quite my job and open my bike shop. I have plans for all three. Its just gonna take time.

Number2- The Plan- I give myself timelines for everything. Like I need to have the frame done by --. I set real goals like last year my shovel had to be done for Sturgis. No bullshit I had to pull some hairy shit to get it done. 

Number 3. The Set up- Of course in the real world you have to have money to do anything. The only way I get to do any of this is working my ass off. There is no TV in my life, no social hanging out. there is no sitting at the local coffee shop sipping Chai for me. From the second I open my eyes I am working. Right now it is all about generating some money so I can get a motor in the truck. Anyone need any parts?

Number 4- The Follow Through- This is the part that where you get to live the dream through. All the lost sleep, blood, money, is spent and you are doing what you intended to do. Whether that is building a bike, making a record, or shit even just taking a trip. Once you are actually doing it it is all worth it. I never take this for granted. When we rode out to Born Free I think I thought how awesome it was like a hundred times while we were on the road. 

Number 5- Some closure- I will sit and think about what I just pulled off. Reflect and then process how I would have done it better, more efficient, cleaner, etc etc. Right now I am obsessed with the idea of a perfect motorcycle. Well I mean a perfect motorcycle to me. My Ironhead is almost there. I will say lately I have had  a lot of fun working on my customers bikes. I love making things right. I enjoy the inspection and hands on every part aspect of  a motorcycle. I like the feeling when I look at a bike that nothing is janky. Nothing is in need of service, no corners were cut. When I get my legit shop open this will be my shops credo. Done Right One Time and Yes That Cost Money.

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