Friday, February 14, 2014

Perseverance Is A Mother/ The Big Iron Drops

  So after almost two years in the making, from writing to holding the vinyl it is here. By far the best record I have ever worked on. It takes some salt to do what we did. I have to say. I write the music Jeff writes the words and the band works it all out. We paid for the demos, recording, and the total production of the record out of pocket. I love the time in the studio mixing the record. I think once the tracks are there it is one of my favorite parts dissecting the tracks and making it sound the way I want. After some battles with mastering we had Stephen Egerton from the Descendents master it for us. He did a fucking awesome job and we are all stoked. The official record release show will be on May 30th in KC. It is hard to stay true and punk at this age. Some how I found 4 others that feel, say and live the same. Old fucking cranky bastards. I would not have it any other way. If you are interested in a copy you can hit up my email on the side bar and I will ship one copy anywhere for about 20 bucks. Overseas people hit me up first so I can get a actual shipping amount.

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  1. Man, blown out and I just know it will be killer, so stoked for you Anchorman . . . I don't even have a turntable but I'll get one anyway, hold fast mate, huge respect.