Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dogfight Pt. 1

  The latest cycle to get the treatment. Eric gave up his Suzuki 550 four a few weeks ago and I took some time to just look at it and get a plan. Some bikes name themselves some get named from there owners and some never get a name. Well this one has named itself. Dogfight was a not so great movie staring the late River Phoenix. Watch the movie if you want. I will say this thing stock has some wacky proportions. Now that everything is getting the skinny treatment little things are starting to speak up. Eric is pretty tall so the seating needed to be left a little long. When I had him sit on it he was literally sitting on the passenger side of the seat. Did the rotor a few nights ago and then set up the front end. Cut down the fender and used the leftover chunk for the rear fender. Took a little bullet light and cut the bottom out of it. Welded the bucket to the fender and will get molded for extra flow. Built the loop twice because the first one was to boxy. Cut the exhaust up and then set up the Dime City Tach and Speedo. Look pretty good even though it looked better without them. So on to the detail stuff and drilling about a thousand holes in whatever I can drill holes in.

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