Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Harley Museum Bomb......

We ended up staying at the museum almost all day last Friday. I will say that because of the insane collection they have under one building you could spend at least a week just taking it all in. I think they said they have every year model covered except one. So as you walk through the museum it really starts to get to be to much really. Very good mix of stuff in there from stock to full dual engined baggers. They had some great examples of factory race bikes and Noot was giving out proper period correct seminars on Ironheads all day. I learned a lot and enjoyed the whole day. We went to the factory as well and got a tour of the plant. Basically every motor except the Vrod is built under one roof. 850,000 square feet of robots and workers putting your motor together. We passed the old factory where both my bikes motors were built and I had a little moment of reflection. With time a motorcycle takes on its own soul, or path. They can be cranky sons of bitches or the eye opening portal to living in the world. All fucking built in Milwaukee, USA

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