Saturday, February 8, 2014

International Clash Day/Top 5 Saturday

Well maybe it was not a legit holiday but yesterday is the official International Clash Day. KEXP did a special of all there favorite Clash songs and then side projects and covers they did all day. There is something about the Clash that transcended the Punk thing. I mean there is no doubt that there first record is punk as fuck but already by there second they were fusing ska and rockabilly into the mix. I fucking hate ska and for that much reggae as well but how they did it was tolerable. Hard to think in the short time they were truly a band they made so many records. So top 5 Saturday

Top 5 Clash songs in my eyes.

Number 1. Stay Free- A Mick song and is the one that made me really want to play guitar. There is a little part at the end that has this two guitar part that I love. 

Number 2. Career Opportunities- Ok so they did this song on a couple of records but on the Live record From Here To Eternity it  is amazing. Actually that is one of the best live records ever made. 

Number 3. London Calling- Every time I hear this song its like fist pumping shot of pure adrenaline. The bass line is amazing the lyrics are straight in your face and I think that record is there best work as a career goes.

Number 4. Train In Vain-I guess it just a love song. Whatever it rules

Number 5 Rock the Casbah/Magnificent 7/Lost in The Supermarket/Car Jamming/  You get the picture I could not decide on the last track. I will say that Rock the Casbah was there only Number 1 hit in the states. When I was a kid it was the only song I like on the radio besides Blondie and the Smiths. If I was really lucky on clear days we could get the valleys alternative radio station in the 80's. So really I could blame them for fixing my head and giving me some direction. My mom had a Buick estate Wagon and when ever they played The Clash or Ramones I would crank that POS radio to the point I blew up one of moms speakers. I still remember the first times I heard those songs like it was yesterday, like the light had been switched on in my head. Probably the most important band ever in the history of punk rock. Rebels, Rockers,Public servants, shit talkers, defiant, and in your fucking face. Clash City Rockers

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