Friday, March 15, 2013

77 Crusty Breakdown......

So Drew is having me rip apart his chopper and make it right. There were so many sketchy things going on that a 100% breakdown is in order. So I like getting the motor done first in all builds. If the heart  is healthy the rest will follow sort of mantra. I rode it about one mile before ripping it apart and it was a brutal ride. No rear brakes, smoke blowing out both exhaust pipes, etc etc. So put it on the lift and in a hour or so the entire bike is on the bench, floor, or trash bin. Pulled the top end apart and found a blown head gasket, cracked ring,gouged pistons from something getting in between the barrel and skirt. Valve guides are shot and the rear exhaust valve is curled up and wasted. So off to the machine shop and I went for a ride yesterday. Almost 70 out and I got some miles in on the Crack Pipe. My boss at the day job just bought this giant old man sled and then I pulled up on my sportster and he had not seen it since the redo. He kinda just hung his head down and I knew he felt like a douche bag. I could build 5 Crack Pipes for the cost of his bike.  One is much sexier then the other.

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  1. Old man sled...LOL. That had to be one kick ass feeling for sure...knowing yours is/was built and not just bought. I have all the respect in the world for a kat who wrenches, bleeds, and sweats to make his bike a reality. Crack Pipe looks sick as ever. Kick ass weather for a couple safe riding Ricky.