Saturday, March 2, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

I have been going to the studio trying to finish up our new record. Yesterday we got the last vocal track put down and started some rough mix stuff. I know most bands say every record is there best but this one is gonna be the best record I have ever made hands down. So while we were at the studio talking about music we got on the topic of pop music. When I say pop I mean good pop and only people that get it understand. Like when I tell people I love country they go really you like Leanne underwood chesney vomit. Then I say no I like real country like Johnny and Merle and Hank Sr. So Today I will list my favorite pop bands. 

Number 1. The Kinks- Hands down out of all the 60's pop groups they delivered more awesome songs then any band. Kind of had to live in the afterglow of the beatles but they lived way longer then them. There Preservation Green Society record is a pop gem from end to end. They got a little bit country on Muswell Hillbillys but it is still awesome stuff. You Really Got Me!

Number 2. The Who-I will say they got more arena rock as they went on but there first 3 records are really just good pop records. Some how they captured all the intensity of there live shows and made them better in the studio. My favorite record is there first of course. Like most music snobs you will find me saying "Yeah they are good but there first record is best". I find it true in almost all cases.

Number 3. Big Star- I would imagine some of you know about Big Star and if you don't then here is your chance to check them out. Alex Chilton was in the Box Tops in the late 60's and started up Big Star after to perfect his skills at writing killer tracks. Some of the stuff is slower then your average pop song but still there is the classic verse chorus verse chorus bridge outro formula. They song Dana is on all the time in my head.

Number 4. The Replacements- Sure they started out as a very drunk sloppy punk band but by the release of Tim they had perfected a loud power pop sound that still is being ripped off to this day. How this ties in is they have a song called Alex Chilton and it is there little ode to the man himself. Paul Westerberg has done a ton of solo records and they are all good and his ability to write good simple songs is one of my great influences. Out of the entire 80's this band is the only one that did not end up sucking miserably. that in itself is amazing.

Number 5.The Fucking Beach Boys- I don't even know how many times I have said that the Beach Boys are the best but here they are again. Sure they are a little silly but that is the power of the pop music. Sure you want to dance, play air guitar, try and make out with the girl in the corner. That is what it was for. The Boys transcend all genres and walls that people put up around there legacy. Just play Do You Wanna Dance and try not to sing along. For me listening to them will instantly make me think of my childhood in cali, the beach, the sun on my face, pretty girls, hot rods, and surfin USA. Ha!

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