Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bad Head I Mean Bad Heads.........

So as far as I can tell the cylinders have a fresh bore with 30 over high comp pistons. What I do not understand is why some fuck face son of a whore would put these crusty extra fucked up heads right back on. Seriously if I had a customers bike apart and found this I would insist on doing a complete valve job etc etc. God I hate half ass shit. Maybe the guy did not have enough money. Well he should have saved up the scratch till he had enough to get the job done right. But for now I am blaming the shop that did the work. The picture above explains the whole story except that is the front head that actually had some compression. The bottom pic is the rear with a warped exhaust valve and the intake is also leaking. I dropped some brake cleaner in the dome and as fast as I poured it in it ran out which is what I'm trying to show. There was no sealer around the oil holes which as soon as it started would have been sucking oil in to the chambers. So as of right now I am officially fucked. Noot the man the myth the best friend to someone like me is gonna handle all the dialing and indicating, then we will get her all put back together. I feel like once this bike is road worthy I am gonna make a little day trip out to the shop that did this to me and punch some old retarded man right in the mouth. Not even say a word just walk in make a nice little smile then smack the first person I see that is holding a tool. Then walk out of there like a goddamn super hero. FTW

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