Sunday, March 3, 2013

Progress And Progression, I Digress.....

 Well I got the 51 all dialed in today and that my friends is a giant leap forward. Got the new radiator mounted and filled, check the timing, welded up the exhaust, lubed everything and now on to sanding. My least favorite thing in the world is doing bodywork. I am just ok at it and usually get to the its good enough point a little before I should. I am going to be diligent this go around and do it right. Stocked up on DA pads and the rest is time. The one thing I am always lacking excess of. I will figure it out and by spring the 51 will look better then ever and now running better then ever. As a side note I joke about getting old and all my tattoos will turn all green and look like cat puke on my arms. This is Irene above and she proves my point exactly. I think the crustier the better. Who cares how nice and perfect your ink looks. I'd rather see a old timer with a green blob on his forearm and strike up a conversation. Time brings wisdom and I am getting up there my friends.

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