Sunday, March 24, 2013

Big Iowa Weekend, Noot Tastic

Well made it back all in one piece. Man what a great weekend. So lets start with the drive up to Noot's place. Boring as shit. So get to Charles City, Ia and I cruised around a little and then Noot met me to go over to his shop. Such a cool place they have, real small, real homey feel and his pops is the business with all things Harley. Lil Noot gets it honestly. so we got up at the crack of dawn and drove up to ST Paul Minn for the Donnie Smith cycle show and swap meet. Sure there was some bullshit but there were also some killer cycles and lots of cool people hanging out. Check out my pile from the swap. Wanted a new caliper mount for the shovel so her it is. Sweet knobby tire like I run on everything and some nick knacks and a factory manual for the shovel. Man the prices were great and the deals were everywhere. I think the Heavy guys get all the real good shit the night before but I suppose they should get first dibs. On the way back to CC we stopped at Clappers Customs and I scored the brake for my caliper mount for FREE. OMG that just happened and all because I was with Noot. See it does pay to have good friends. Big thanks to Noot and his sweet Wife Cheryl for housing and feeding me. Drove home this morning through some crazy ass snow storm pretty much the whole way back. No big deal. Top 5 Saturday(little Late).Things that happened this weekend

Number 1. Just to make it clear Noot ate all the chocolate chip cookies his wife had made. Well all but the last two I ate. Ha

Number 2. Ate ice cream and watched V4 TT Isle of Man Documentary. Jim Dunlop was insane and the ride along camera was truly unreal. 

Number 3. Just getting out of town is such a treat. I like driving and I like driving to bike shows. Time to think and I stared at the back of my hand for 6 hours. It is looking pretty wrinkly . I still like hand tattoo's.

Number 4. Talking shop. Man get two or three bike guys together and the shit starts flowing. Future projects, old projects , current headaches and all the middle ground.There aren't too many guys that I know that can sit for hours talking about motorcycles. I t never gets old so I relish the time. 

Number 5. Getting home is always a way to round out any trip. I went and dropped off my swap meet finds and looked over the shop then headed home. My boy about jumped out of his skin when I walked in. Now its get ready for the week ahead. Fuck.


  1. Superb post Anchorman, jealous as hell.

  2. OH man..that black panhead is sick! Looks like shit I day dream about daily. Love the seat and sissy bar combo. Perfect. Glad you had a good trip and made it back safe Ricky.

  3. I'm making more cookies tonite . . .