Saturday, March 16, 2013

Top 5 Saturady

My band plated last night and I am dragging ass for sure right now. Not to often I am up till 2 am but we had a good time so all is well that ends well. We played with a bunh of punk bands last night so we shortened our set and just banged it out. So here are some random top fives.

Top 5 records I listened to this week
1. Converge-All you love you leave behind.
2. Strike Anywhere-Dead FM
3.The Damned-Neat Neat Neat
4. The Saints-Eternally Yours
5. Moon Duo-All

Top 5 Things that happened this week
1. Rode my bike for real not just around the block.
2. Weather has been getting better.
3. Got a ton of work done at the shop.
4. Playing outside with the kids.
5. Sleeping has been good to me.

Top 5 Things that have pissed me off this week.
1. My brain
2. The weather needs to get better faster.
3. Money money money-If I had more money I would have more rad shit.
4. Working on my house has been a struggle. Almost done and getting ready to sell it.
5. Driving home one day some black lady pulled a left right in front of me. I was driving the truck but I had to swerve and go into oncoming traffic not to get hit. I instantly thought if I was on my bike I would most likely be dead. Fuck

Top 5 Redheads of all time
1. Christina Hendricks
2. Kate Winslet-when her hair is red well actually always just especially when her hair is red
3. Kemper Fidelis
4. Ginger
5. Pippi Longstockings

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