Sunday, March 31, 2013

77 Not Crusty.....

Got Drew's 77 stuff back yesterday so last night I prepped and cleaned everything to paint them black. So today when I got there all I had to do was the fun stuff. I like putting motors together and is always a good way to wipe out all the shit in my head. I have picked up some good tricks along the way and if done exactly in the right order there is never any problems. First and for most make sure everything is clean, I don't just mean clean I mean fucking super extra to the extreme clean. Only use clean rags and clean gloves as well while assembling components. I use this crazy shit called 90 wt oil when assembling everything. I picked up that little oil can and have been using it for years. Every singe moving part that gets put together gets a little clean oil and then when the day comes to fire it I know all those pieces have some super clean oil keeping everything moving. I learned from an old timer that you should always use copper gasket coat on copper head gaskets and since I have been doing this I have never had a blown head gasket or even a leak. Three light coats then torque it down to 65 lbs. Done. Got both the heads lined up so the intake will seal good then did the oil lines and pushrods. Tomorrow I put it in the bike then the home stretch and fire it up. I'd say by next weekend its rolling.

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