Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seems to Be.....

Been working on my basement for a few months now and today I finished it up. Boring mind melting work at the highest degree. The plan is to sell my house this spring and then find a killer new house that fixes itself and never has anything broken in it. The lawn will be green and never need mowing. The small cool 50's modern house will have a 4 car garage with a 2 car garage on the house. The shop will be heated and air conditioned and the power bill will never show up at the house. Across the street will be a house full of redheaded women that just think motorcycles are the coolest and they love to sun bath all day in the summer There freckles will multiply at every minute spent in the sun. My kids will have a yard big enough to ride dirt bikes in and maybe just enough room for a small circle track so I can live my dream of beating Mert in the left turn full throttle race. It will of course have a full size car lift and every useful tool every included in the asking price. Stupid Fucking Scumbag Brain stop making me happy. Dreams in one hand and shit in the other. .

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