Sunday, January 6, 2013

El Rajar Pipa Seis

After a very long day of basement work I went ahead and went to the shop to try and finish my bike. I have some projects coming in to the shop so this needs to be sorted out and out of my brain. I just stood there and actually asked myself why I can't leave anything alone. Then I looked at this bike and just shrugged, it does look better then ever and should not leak any oil from anywhere that isn't supposed to leak. Harleys leak and that is a fact. So this is as close to a tough 70's style street chopper I have ever built and of course as I rolled this out to take pictures I stepped on the brake and the fucking puck seal blew out and shit the bed. Fucking brake. Looks good and  that is what its all about. Wait I thought is was about riding, wait I thought it was about friends, wait I thought it is about being a RETRO biker, wait I thought this would blow your mind,wait  I don't have a AMF tank on it, damn its freezing out,  fuck all it does is take my money. Skinny bike with a old crusty charmer on board.


  1. Hey Grumpy . . . astoundingly gorgeous, screw the leak, you've attained personal crusty perfection, be stoked mate, dig the little motif, Anchors Aweigh !!!! Preliminary vibe, straight into my all time top five Sporty chops, NFD !!!

  2. Indeed...The bike is perfect Ricky. Im always so impressed to see what you are creating.It's crazy how similar our interests, views of life are...Grumpy Hermits till the end.

  3. This rules. Didn't think it could get any better. I'm sorry. I was wrong. Full blown chopper boner. All the way hard. Looking forward to your visit. Forever Hermits Hermits Forever.