Sunday, January 27, 2013

Decal Madness......

I want all of these. Yeah so do you and every other Yahoo on ebay. Fuck. I remember a time before ebay when I could find cool shit like this at swap meets and in old milk crates that were full of old porn, shop manuals, and water decals abound. Times are a changing my friends. 

So as a side story Shea and I went to look at a 1999 Evo 883 today. Shea wants to build a swing arm bike and this one sounded ideal. So we drive the hour up to Saint Joseph which is comparable to a arm pit of Satan himself. We get there and it is a single wide trailer home and the bike is parked inside the trailer with shit piled up all over it. Seriously this white trash POS was still drunk I think from the night before or he started drinking at 9 in the am. Either way I can not even describe how filthy and fucking straight up nasty the trailer was on the inside. I did not want to touch anything in the house and the smell was fairly offensive. So we dig the bike out kinda and get the thing to crank over. It would not start. Bike is getting gas but the damn thing would not hit at all. Pull a plug and there is no spark. WTF is this bumkin trying to pull. So we went from a good running bike that was a deal to a tweaker special and we ended up just splitting out. Fuck that bike and they are all over the place for two grand or so. So if you got one the is in RUNNING condition and you want rid of it let me know.

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  1. I went back and bought it at his original asking price of $3500, did I make the right decision? haha just kidding. But seriously if anybody has got a line on a "good-deal" evo sporty or big twin. let us know!