Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Never Fear The Shovel Almost Here!

So I have a date when the tins will be done so now I am getting real excited about the Shovel. Michael from Flying Weasel is seriously hooking me up and I already loved him but now he is apart of my dream bike. I will be super proud of telling people that FWG painted the tins. I It feels a little weird though because I just finished the Crack Pipe and now The Wizard is almost done I feel a little lost I think. I do have the truck waiting in the wings waiting for some attention. Lucky for me I have a couple a customer bikes to work on so that will keep me busy. When the weather is terrible I feel real cozy and unaffected by the weather if I just hunker down in the shop and work. I never in all my days thought some day I would own two Harley's. Not just any bikes but two of my dream bikes so now on to another. I am seriously gonna start looking for a Flathead project. BTSV I believe is what I want. I am already planning all my trips on top of getting ready to list my house on the market. If all the stars align I will have a pocket full of money and hundreds of miles to lay waste to come spring. Wanna just say thanks to the WLP for gushing about my Crack Pipe. It is an honor and a I thank you. FWG, Noot and all my other buds also get a big thanks. Just a few more weeks and The Wizard will live again.


  1. Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, bring on the Wiz !!!

  2. Lookin' proper as always Ricky!Hope spring brings some good shit your way. It's tough to have a family.. take care of them properly, and still have something left in the tank to feed our personal projects/dreams. Your kickin' ass for sure.