Sunday, January 20, 2013

Epiphany Trip 2013

Love driving almost as much as riding places. So did the 550 mile round trip up to Keokuk Ia. It is a great little town right on the mighty Miss. Got to hang out at Weasel Land, shoot a AK, polish my tins and then run around town checking out some stuff. Michaels cousin has this insane shop just for his projects. Blew my fucking mind with all the shit that he had. All the shop pics are from his shop. That giant fireplace had that shop toasty and was really adding to the comfy feel the shop had. 3 generations of dirt and history in the building and there was cool stuff in every nook and cranny. Check out the old lathe and rack of motors. We ended up seeing some TERRIBLE bands and then hanging out till like 3 in the morning. Anyone that knows me knows that is way beyond my bed time. It was a special night and we had fun. So I got up early while they all slept and hit the road home. I have been wanting to two lane across MO for awhile now so today was the day. There are 3 interstates that get you to Keokuk or you can go diagonal across on two lanes. It was the best drive I have had in awhile. Rolling hills and lots of small towns. Like population 128 small towns. It of course took a little longer, with the extra time I filled it with thinking. Here are some of my Epiphanies I had while driving today.

I tried to sing all the back ups for TREX and realized I really need to sing more.

Old farm towns are romantic to me and depressing at the same time.

Sleater-Kinney really are a good band. They have some kind of dynamic that is very hard to do.

I listened to the Clash and then got a little sad that Joe is gone. 

I found myself wondering why I am the way I am then realized its because I really don't give a fuck. Then realized that I do give a fuck and that is why I don't care. 

People that smoke pot think I am boring, I think people that smoke pot are boring.

I like people watching and Keokuk has some GOOD people to watch.

Michael Geltz has crazy skills with the paint.

Clara is a funny drunk and has the most amazing Troll collection I have ever seen, we figured out the link between Trolls and Michael Geltz. It is a very thin line! HA

Pulling into town I thought about how much I hate KC right now. 

I had this tank sitting next to me the whole way home ,I just kept looking at it. Something so simple as a motorcycle can make me this happy. Why does everything else cause me so much grief?

I feel like when I set this tank on the Wizard that bells will ring, angels will sing, fireworks will blow up and the bike will say thank you to me by firing on the third kick. We'll see I suppose

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