Monday, January 21, 2013

The Wizard Drops.....

I will take some better pics soon but for now the dust has settled and Wizard is done. Got the tins put on and ran fuel lines. I did a cross over tube in the bottom Wassell bungs then added a 3/8 npt bung for a Harley petcock. Should be able to get every drop of gas out of this tank and have a real reserve. Fender is sitting a little off due to me changing the spacers on the rear wheel after I had already sent them to the chrome plating shop. Oh well I can live with it. Again this is not gonna be a Hot Rod or show bike I built this bike to do crazy long miles and be solid. So two bikes down and truck to go. Hermits Forever Forever Hermits. Grumpy Power

1 comment:

  1. Fucking schweet you grumpy old bastard, stoked for you Anchorman, two choice rides, you're spoilt for choice . . . the Grumpy will inherit the earth, mark my words !!!