Saturday, January 12, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

Well got my brakes parts in today and will try and get it done today. So this week almost everyday my Ipod would play Ghostrider bySuicide. With out fail everytime it played it I would run over and urn up my stereo to 11. They are one of those totally fucked up time and place bands. If they would have started 2 years earlier or two years later they never would have done anything but 1977 was a good year for fucked up bands. Punk had really just got its foot in the door and then suicide kicked the door off the hinges. So Top 5 reasons Suicide rules

1. I always like to imagine hearing a band for the first time. Even by todays standard if I saw a band like Suicide play today I would freak out I'm sure. Can you imagine a crowd full of polyester clad disco fucks listening to Suicide. Or better yet the hip Max's crowd in NY having them totally bum out there Rock and Roll dream. Love it. It is the ultimate Fuck You. 

2. They were a two man group. One man sang, yelped, smoked ,and made awesome faces and the other just fiddled on a old ass organ. So genius it is retarded. Alan vega is insane and that is another part of the band that must be taking into consideration. They are stories of people trying to kill Alan after shows or burning him with cigarettes just to try and make them stop playing. 

3. The songs stand up on there own. I am a huge fan of analog music. Not so much into anything electronic but they seem to bridge the gap for me. The organ uses a primitive drum machine that just gives the songs a pulse like a heartbeat. They have a surprising ability to write a good pop song even with this disability or lack of instruments. Ghost rider is below and should be in the top songs about motorcycles ever written. 

4. Burn hot and then fade away. Like all good bands that offer more then the mediocre slop they faded away as fast as they burned bright. They really only wrote one good records worth of songs but the bootleg version and live stuff is out there. So with not much in the way of a catalog how have they reached the level of infamy that they have. Because they are Fucking amazing 

5. White dudes with afro's. It takes a certain type of bad ass to sport a afro. Rob Tyner from the MC5 is one and then there is Martin. I have no hair so the idea of sporting a basketball on my head is so alien that I have to respect it. So watch the vid below and love it or hate it you have to respect it. Seriously. I 'll post some actual motorcycle related stuff later.

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