Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Old Men Of Today / Youth of Yesterday

So most people have a favorite record of any certain band. Here is my favorite Youth Of Today record. As straight edge bands go YOT was the best on this record. Brutally fast songs and the production on the record is perfect. Super thick sound and the vocals are insane and urgent. 1988 in song right here. There are few SE bands that will stand the test of time but there are the chosen few that are next level in my eyes. Listen to the whole record and feel the jams. It makes me want to explode every time I listen to it. I saw there last tour in 1990 or so in La it was one of the best shows my eyes will ever see. Ray Cappo the singer is almost personally responsible for ruining SE when he went Krishna. I don't blame him because I truly think that was a personal choice for him but the influence he had on the scene caused thousands of sheep to try and follow. Fucking ruined the scene for a few years. That is about the time I took a big step backwards and really got into 60's punk and stayed true to my 80's HC ethos. You simply can not fuck with the classics.

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