Sunday, February 17, 2013


Shovelhead 2, Ricky 0. Well after another day of losing I am pretty sure I have a collapsed lifter and am gonna change out to solid lifters. Found a setup on Ebay for 50 bucks so I dropped the hammer on them. So I checked the timing and it was light years off. New points, new condenser, and a compression check. Guess what, the rear cylinder has a whopping 0 lbs when the pushrods are adjusted. With them loosened up it hits 100+. Front one is also 100+. So I thought it was me just not getting the pushrods done right but after 5 times I am blaming a lifter due to the fact that 3 feel nice and tight and the exhaust on the rear is loose and will not collapse to adjust. Fucking knew this was gonna happen. Should have just left it under a sheet. Lucky for me it is cold as a mother out so riding is out of the question.

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