Saturday, February 9, 2013

World Of Wheels 2013

Spent the afternoon with my boy running around the show. There was some good stuff as well as some terrible stuff. Ryan long has this really long 750 Honda that is named Kung Fu I think.Very cool and had style. Daves Digger with Ray Farhner display looks sick with lights and all. Sonny Rodgers is one of my favorite old guys in town and had a bike in Roths Choppers Magazine in the 60's. Tells great stories if he can remember the start if you know what I mean. Took a picture of him with my boy. Priceless. Another famous Kansas City customizer is Radical Ray who has just been diagnosed with cancer. We made up these stickers to get donations for him. It is doing stellar and I hope it helps. Sat and talked to Gene Winfield a minute and watched them chop a 1940 ford. He is one of the last true old timers around and he is very cool to speak with. So enjoy.

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  1. Cool pics..I walked around W.O.W sunday morning for awhile with my daughter. Was hoping to get the chance at formally meeting you over at the Punkrod camp but didnt see you. Looked for Cos too but no luck. Got to speak to winfield for a few minutes as well. Super cool guy for sure.