Sunday, February 24, 2013

Retard Brain, Retard Reasons

So I have been slowly acquiring parts for my Hot Rod truck project. What I really want is this car above but what I have is a truck to start with. I will do my damn best to get it right but for now I have to get some more parts. I have never built a Hot Rod, up till now it has always been customs and lowriders. Both are fairly cheap to build when compared to a full on Hot Rod build. As of right now I have 0 dollars invested. Lots of free shit from friends and some barter items. So here is the list so far of what I have:
Steel 15 inch wheels
1946 F100 truck cab
1939 truck frame
1955 272 Ford Y block w/fordomatic
also have 1962 292 Yblock if desired
Steering out of Cos's 1965 Chevy van
Rear Spring out of  1940's Car
Jimmy is hooking me up with all the roller stuff like Dropped axle, front and rear cross members, dropped leaf for the front and the split wishbones for a good  price I'm sure. 
Once I have a roller it will go fast so for now dreams and reality are coming together. I still have a week of work or so on the 51 to get it back on the road. Good times and dirty hands get shit done.

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