Saturday, February 16, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

 Been thinking about holy grail motorcycles. Like if money was no issue what I would want. So Top 5 is dipping into the dreams of holy grail sickles.

Number 1. Vincent Black Shadow. Not only do I want one I want the one Rolli rode for the speed record. At one time they were the fastest motorcycle in the world and looked amazing doing it. I have seen a few at shows and they truly are breath taking machines.

Number 2.Bsa Gold Star 500. These were the quintessential cafe racer bikes. Giant single cylinder thumpers that can really go. When these are set up right they flat out go like stink.

Number 3. Harley Panhead. I want a Panhead with all the trim, bells, whistles, trinkets, conches, and a two tone faded windshield. Yep you heard it right. I already have two choppers I want a land yacht and I want it now.

Number 4. The Widowmaker. Kawasaki 750 triple H2. these are up there on the "You Will Die Meter" so I am drawn to it like oil to the floor. I watch videos of these bikes on YT all the time and the feeling I get just hearing one is enough to make me smile for at least a second or two. Slims Haymaker chopper/drag bike has one of these motors in it and it is mind boggling how fun it would be to ride. In the book I posted a while back, Conversation With A Motorcycle the author rides a H2 and it just made me want one more. 

Number 5. Honestly I want one of the Sportster XLCR cafe bikes so bad I would choke a snake out for one. I hate snakes but if giving the choice I might do it. Absolutely the most amazing street bike ever put out by the factory. 1000cc Sportster engine with rear sets, coffin-ish tank seat cowl, etc etc. I have posted pics of the local one and every time I see it feeds my desire to own one. I was thinking about building a low budge version but that is not the point in my eyes. I want a real one. Vroom Vroom you just got spanked by a girls bike. Fuck You.

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