Friday, February 1, 2013

Small World Small City Small Cycle...

                                Top 5 Saturday will be the Top 5 reasons to own a British Motorbike.

Number 1. You find yourself saying that you really want to learn how to work on your motorcycle. If you own a old British bike you most definitely will be learning how to work on one. Ride Wrench Ride Wrench then Push.

Number 2. When they are on they are the most fun you can have. Great power to weight ratio and the sound they make when you really get on it is awesome. They sure do vibrate though.

Number 3. Next level shit to own one. To have one of these on the streets takes full commitment and if you are faint of heart these bikes will devour you. One on the street is worth 10 in the garage.

Number 4. They are very hard to build correctly. Look at the Small City Cycle above and this is hard to do with a little bike. This is one of the best examples out there. Most just cobble together some pile of shit and to get this level of bike drastic measures would have to be taking. I can always tell when I fancy a bike because I dream about riding them. I would love to get some miles on this bike.

Number 5. Cost is no object. I would have to say that in the real world bikes cost money. How much you spend goes right along with how much you can do on your own cycle. For my money I will ride a Harley probably till I die but I have a line on a 441 BSA Victor that  would love to do a little chopper with. We shall see. I don't really have it in me right now to be brutalized by another british bike.


  1. #4 is the key Anchorman, do it once well and no drama, or at least minimal, both my '69 T120 and even moreso my '74 T140, [paricularly the latter in rain, hail or shine and 24/7], were everyday rides and with top quality modern gaskets, seals, bearings, roller and shells, good quality fasteners, modern lubricants and not going huge on cams and valves, no shaved heads and being rebuilt with care and precision, fuck all ever went wrong . . . I never had a prob with vibration except finger buzz at the end of a really long day, but Jesus mate, those little 500 Daytonas would rattle the teeth out of your bloody head . . . Small City does great stuff, nice choice to illustrate the point, cheers.
    P.S - Clean the fucking sludge trap and balance the crank !!!!

  2. Sorry . . . re problems, only really ever one and it's covered by two words, 'electrics' and the Prince of Darkness himself, 'Lucas' . . . ha !!!