Saturday, February 16, 2013

She Who Can Not Be Named........

So this is this weeks stuff. Wife got me a Panhead for Vday and the apes on the shovel. Yesterday I got Ambers 750 Honda all buttoned up and rode it around. Had a few little issues to work out but at the end of the day it rode killer and starts real easy. She is gonna have to perfect her kicking skills. I deleted all the starter stuff and built the little battery box and then added the charger so she can keep her retarded phone charged at all times. Updated the regulator and then went about all the fab work. Used the skinny fender I built and then made the little struts that tie it all together. Seat was done at the shop I always use and since she is a girl they did it cheap. Flat track bars and chopper headlight, Nissin front master all give it a little street tracker vibe. Enjoy the stance it looks good.

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