Saturday, February 23, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

Another week has flown by and the weather has been treacherous. So I am headed to the shop in a little bit to try and get the truck buttoned up. Bought a new radiator for the old girl but have to weld some flange mounts to get it stuffed in there. Also bought a new tranny oil cooler that I am gonna mount back on the frame rail rather then run it all the way up to the front. So this weeks Top 5 will tie into last weeks. Top 5 cars or trucks I would own if money was no matter. Dreams my friends are a mother fucker.

Number 1. The Grapevine. Larry Watsons original grapevine. It is my favorite year Chevy as well as being the most amazing custom car in my eyes. My taste doesn't really like show cars of that era but more like real cruisers and this one is the best of the best. 

Number 2. Milners Coupe from American Graffiti. Seeing that I have watched that movie like 1000 times and it never gets old I woud say it is one of my favorites. Every time I watch it I want that Hot Rod more and more. I like how that car pretty much is Milner and the Milner is that car. I hate the color yellow but besides that when I think of a real Hot Rod this is one of the cars that is embedded in my brain. There is one scene where they are leaving to go cruise and the car lurches forward and almost goes out of control. I love it because that car is a beast and acts like it. The end drag scene is also amazing and if you have not watched the movie in a while or ever I highly suggest doing so.

Number 3. Frank Barris's 1950 Emerald Merc. this is one of those dream cars to me that actually bums me out that I can never own it. This was built for Frank himself then sold off in the early 50's and the car was lost for almost 50 years. The Rodders Journal did a story on it a few years back and it has been restored to the original Barris quality and finish. Amazing for sure.

Number 4. Chuck Porter F100 truck. I have posted it before but this truck is so slick it is so hard to get all the panels to do what he did. Sectioned, channeled, chopped, and then laid out as well. This man was a wizard with sheet metal and used this truck as his shop truck as well as push vehicle at El mirage.

Number 5. 1963 Galaxy is one of the best looking cars of all times. If you like sleek lines and long roofs then this is the car. If you lower them and add some supremes then you have one of the best customs around and that is all you have to do. This is one of the only cars I have never owned that I could own if I really wanted. someday some way I suppose.

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