Friday, February 22, 2013

Norton More.....

  So almost two years after we started this bike I pulled the frame down and got to getting the front end set up. I would not use Baxter Triumph again for anything. We sent them the motor and it took almost two years to get it back. Not to mention they were shit heads about it. Lesson learned. Let me just say that fitting a unknown British girder to a Norton 750 frame is no walk in the park. So after doing some grinding on the lower section of the stem I got a Harley Big Twin bottom bearing on the neck. Took the old lower Norton bearing and put it in my lathe. After a very long time I got the ID right and then just pressed in the race with a little spacer made out of the old lower. Took apart the spring and had to cut two coils out and then torch the lower section and recoil it up so it fit tight in the holder. Worked out good. The top bearing is the stock Norton bearing that only needed a spacer put under the tree so the top clamp would not rub. Fuck that was a little bit of work for like three hours of time. But in the end it will be killer diller and is a nice piece to have. It is missing all the dampener parts so if by chance you have a pile of 1940's British girders just laying around let me know. Right. I hard tailed it almost two years ago as well. I like the flow of it and the rear section is 0 stretch and 3 inches of drop. Bike should sit real low and look fast as fuck just sitting still.

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