Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

 As usual I am racking my very small brain on this Saturday morning. Was at a car show last night till fairly late. Still amazes me that people are still building Rat Rods and are proud to display there garage abortions. Whatever right. So while we are on that subject lets talk about motorcycles why don't we. I will say in the past few years there has been quite a few bikes built in the KC area. Between my shop, Tony's shop and some other random shops in town there is starting to be a little scene for old bikes. I do remember when I moved here in 2005 there was only one other chopper dude around and he ended up moving away. I'm not saying there isn't the old biker with his chopper in the stable but in my circle I had the only chopper. So 8 years later there is a solid 20 bikes around town that either I have built or have had my hand on and that is a cool feeling. So lets do a Top 5 about local bikes.

Number 1. Officer Matts bike was one of my first real customer builds. Late 90's sportster with a long springer and fairly wide back tire. Not really my cup of tea but I was happy how it turned out. Bikes been on the road for 4 years now with no issues so that always makes me feel good. He had most of the roller together and then I did all the fab and welding to finish it up. He did the final assembly and that is that.

Number 2. Jakes XS 650. So Jake is one solid MF'er and after some visists at the shop he finally dropped the hammer and he built the XS up. I built the hardtail and some crazy bars, exhaust, battery bax relocated and rewired the whole bike. Took both the front fender struts and made the sissy bar out of them. Jake was on a tight budget so we dd the whole build in record time and at a low low price I believe. He had a few seasons on it then sold it to buy a big Harley. 

Number 3. Tony built 750 chopper. Tony had this insane 750 Honda chopper that went through all kinds of changes in just a year but the first look with the red tins and little rigid seat was the business. Brutal to ride I think he ended up changing it all and then did a grey paint job then sold of the bike. Tony has a real good eye when building a bike and will do the time to execute the bike to the best of his ability. He is now riding a killer 750 street tracker kinda thing and a street racer looking XS. Oh yeah and 2 goldwings and I'm sure there are a few more in there.

Number 4. Daves Digger Sportster. I will say as bikes go this one has a history. I got the frame from Tony and he knew the guy that built in back in the day. It tried to kill me when I built the long bike and then Dave built the show stopper digger. He took everything to the next level and really poured some love into it. Being it was his first bike build he was still amazed at how long it took to put it together. He has been bitten by the riding bug and has said many times that there is nothing like jumping on the bike a nd just ripping it down the highway. I agree. I have ridden the bike a few times now and it is a hand full and just rips.

Number 5. Shawn's Sportster chopper. This bike has been kicking his balls in for years now but I still dig it. It has not been nice to him but it is his bike. Started out as a stock fairly clean sporty then he got the Paugcho frame and then some 4 over fork legs then built it once with Johnny's help and then redid the whole thing again last year with a Noot built motor and disc brake rear wheel etc etc. I think every body has helped him get that bike rolling and it has a real good look. It has fought him at every step but the little victories are still enough to keep him rolling.


  1. Great list man.The XS was done perfect and it was definitely done at a low low price.Couldn't have been happier with it.Fuckin miss it a little every day

  2. great World of Wheels pics too man.Wish I would have made it down this year.winter time welfare case as usual