Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aussie Awesome...

So after at least 10 years of looking(not real hard) I finally own a copy of the Johnnys LP. If you like Country, Rock and Roll and some paisley pop of the 80's then you need to look this shit up. Spencer is one of the true genuine articles when it comes to songwriting. He has some solo records out that are great and has been in the Beasts of Bourbon for 2 decades now. So fucking good it isn't even for real. I was freaking out when I found it at my local record store. 6 bucks and that is that. The day Marty Robbins died is my favorite track, but the whole record is amazing. Look it up.

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  1. Great band, great album, worked with em probably a dozen times back then, always gigs of total excess. I knew the drummer, Billy Pommer Jr, from my home town . . . sorry to tell you Anchorman, Spencer's not in good shape anymore, really sad to see, just couldn't leave the bad shit alone.