Sunday, October 7, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Kinda

So after a straight up shit week I have only five things to say

Number 1. Do not suffer fools. If someone is being a fool let them know they will appreciate it later.

Number 2. Sacrifice now and live much later. One of my songs I wrote. Fuck it I am tired of sacrificing. 

Number 3. I want it all. Period all means all. Not 10% or 1/3 all of it. Living in dreams is shit.

Number 4. Being a chopper hermit is o.k. I say mean things, I like being left alone, and my beard is pretty gray at this point. 

Number 5. Sometimes it is hard to think of others while your miserable. When your miserable no one wants you around. Funny.

Here is to a week with no fools, loving life, getting awesome shit, working on my bike, and trying to be a understanding person. I hate everything.

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