Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good Time Wasting

99 percent of what I read are manuals and magazines. Not gonna lie about it. I have however read every book about the Angels, Blue Highway, On The Road and now the best one to date is the Johnny Ramone Autobiography. I love the Ramones almost to the fanatic level. They were my crossover to punk band. I listened to the Beach Boys allot growing up and then I heard there version of  Do You Wanna Dance. I was freaking out it was so good. I think I was about 11 and after that I was hooked. Had no idea what punk was for at least another 2 years but I knew I loved some loud ass guitar. I bought my first guitar so I could learn how to  play along to the records. He is smart as a whip and brutally honest and getting all the dirt straight from the horses mouth is awesome. So do yourself a favor and check it out. I have not set it down since yesterday. I am gonna be super sad when I read the last word. All the greats are gone and he was one of the greatest. 

Ps I was told today I only had 394 days till I was officially old as fuck. I laughed and then cried a little bit. Fuck. Also was told I need to be nice from now on. I'll try I swear. Arrrggghhhh

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  1. Good write up Anchorman, I shall seek and deploy. Good luck with niceness, I've found it's highly over rated, but then, I'm virtually ancient.