Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Kinda

 So I have a ton of stuff going on this weekend so I decided I would post a epic Top 5 a little early. I have posted all kinds of dumb shit in my top 5 but never a Movie post. So here it goes Top 5 most influential movies in my life

On Any Sunday- Seriously if you haven't seen this movie I feel sorry for you. When I was a kid it was on TV like everyday and I watched it like everyday it was on. Best moto movie ever. I love all the cheesy biker flicks but as a influence I love this movie more every time I watch it. Bruce Brown some how caught everything that is wonderful about motorcycles in this film. Good cinematography and the scene of the hill climbs is so fucking amazing I bought the DVD so I could watch it over and over. Other Motorcycle movies include On Any Sunday 2 and Worlds Fastest Indian

Crybaby- John Waters is truly a gem in the Baltimore trash pile. This movie came out my Senior year of high school and let me just say the day I saw this movie I got on my skateboard and started hatching a plan to get my first real Hot Rod. Johnny Depp was trying to break free of his pretty boy 21 jump street fame. Slumming it in crybaby. Honestly he was perfect but the the real star of the movie is Tracie Lords as Wanda. I knew nothing about her at the time but I knew I liked the way she looked and dressed. First Harley I ever wanted was that KR he rides and the shoebox ford is also on my list of things to own in this life. Soundtrack rules, Iggy rules, and this movie made me wish I was born 50 years earlier so I could have been a proper Juvenile Delinquent. Switch blades, brass knuckles, good girls gone Drape and all that silly banter makes this one fine flick. Kiss me kiss me hard.

Heavenly Creatures- Peter Jackson before all the lords stuff. The man has a gift and this movie is so FUCKED up I can remember not sleeping thinking about it. Based on a true story of two school aged girls that kill one of there mothers so they can run off and be movie stars. Of course it isn't that easy and I will admit that this movie is why I have had a very unhealthy love for Kate Winslet ever since. I would watch it and just go off into la la land thinking of ways to meet her and then intertwined with watching this totally fucked up movie. It gets brutal and weird and it is beautiful to watch. Just go watch it and if it isn't your cup of tea then you have terrible taste.

Another State Of Mind- Hands down the best Punk Rock tour documentary movie ever made. There has been some great other punk rock movies but none of them had such great bands in them. Shawn Stern the singer of Youth Brigade has been one of my life long idols and has the truest convictions and has been helping and doing things for the punk rock community since 1980. No I have never met him but watch this movie and you will see the eyes of someone that truly loves punk rock and embraces all the different elements of it. Social Distortion is in it and I have always loved SD and I always will. Granted the last record was really terrible but one out of ten isn't bad right. The main reason I love this movie is the segment of DC punk rock. Guess who is in it. MINOR FUCKING THREAT  the single best hardcore band ever hands down ever. Once at a shitty house party I got into argument with a young very fashionable punk. He claimed that Minor Threat killed punk rock with there bullshit straight edge ideas and that was that. So I punched that fucking kid as hard as I could in the mouth and watch him fucking bleed, I walked out and felt pretty awesome. So say you don't like Minor Threat and I will change your mind. DC has got one of the best band history of any town so seeing Henry Rollins scooping ice cream at Hagen Das was priceless. Sure everything falls apart and ends in a big shit storm but what do you expect from a bunch of punk rockers.

Star wars Trilogy- not remastered, no added scenes , and not on DVD. I grew up watching these amazing movies. I saw them all in the theater and could not wait for the next ones to come out. My personal  fave is the Empire Strikes Back and it is the darkest of the three. All things about a good life can be found in these movies. Good vs. Evil. Love vs. hate, going beyond ones personal limits to use the force to destroy. Whatever I never said I was cool. Anyways I have watched all of the Holy Trilogy so many times I have had to chill so I can enjoy them with my kids. So many great parts in these movies that it is hard to even say my favorite parts. Princess Leia is a dream and I don't want to wake up. Boba Fett is the shit and I can name many bands that have got there name from Star Wars. 
Boba Fett Youth
Red 5
Nerf herder
Jedi Mind Tricks
Ringo Death Star
Etc Etc

As a bonus this week I will add True Romance to the list. What to say about True Romance? Christian Slater had quite the career for a minute and this is his opus. Clarence is a nerdy Elvis freak that works at a comic book shop. Alabama played by the insanely cute Patricia Arquette is a new to the game call girl. Her love for Clarence is instant and that is where the shit hits the fan for real. Through a sequence of very bad decisions and happenings Clarence and Alabama get married, fuck in a phone booth, try and sell of some drugs and ultimately lay waste to some bad guys. Fucking awesome scene where Clarence is talking to the king and the king tells him to shoot the dog in the face. So Clarence does what the King asks and let me just say it was killer. Sweet tattoo's and the best line in any love story ever" Your So Cool Your So Cool".  Fucking go watch it right now.

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