Sunday, October 14, 2012

Keokuk Iowa Again

Yes we made it back in one piece. So 5 tanks of gas, 8qts of oil, one run out of gas situation we made the round trip from Kc to Keokuk. This trip included dropping off tins, a party, shooting shotguns at things, hanging out with Geltz SR. and just some good old hang out time. We all got a chance to ride Michael's new 1980 FLH(fucking large heffer). Let me just say it now ,it ruled. Big giant cushy seat, super comfy bars, floor boards etc etc. Every nut/bolt needs to be tightened but besides that it ruled. Above is a picture of Shea damn near laying it down but through the power of wizardry he kept it up. If ever giving the chance to sit on a bluff in Keokuk and stare at the mighty Miss I do think you should take it. Now back to work on the shovel.

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