Friday, October 19, 2012

Full Thrash Friday Night

Well had a few hours at the shop tonight and whittled out the brake bracket. I have done the same style brake setup on the last 5 bikes or so. Start with a good clean used sport bike caliper. This one is a Tokico off of a Kawa. Replaced the pads and checked out the pucks and bleeder. Bought a brand new rotor as the one that was on it was down to about .160. Way worn out. So I have figured out through much whittling on 6061 that it sucks but the custom bracket looks killer and will never break. Got the frame painted and now on to the brackets and doo-dads that are left. This Death Star will be fully operational by the dead of winter. Dumb I know but the World of Wheels show in Feb will be the first outing. Enjoy

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