Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Like To Think.....

I like to think what I do is inspired by art. Maybe not painting or sculpture but by the soul of it. I have a drive and vision that comes from somewhere, somehow out of all the shit I have done in this world music, motorcycles and cars are still on the top. I obsess, I grind, I cry, I struggle to keep that fire lit. I work a day job for the railroad and then build bikes at night and on the weekends to keep myself from going nuts. The wife and kids are the anchor to the ship. Unfortunately the winds are always strong and I have to go where they take me. So One year ago this month I built my new shop and I'd have to say it has been a good work shop for me. I miss having all the people around but I used to complain about not getting any work done. Funny huh. I have the word SOUL tattoo'd on my belly and I remember sitting there trying to decide what lame stomach tattoo I should get. I have always thought of a persons soul as the unspeakable part of a person. Good/evil, giving/greedy, you get it right? I think that is where art comes from. Like how natives pierced themselves or tribes that tattoo'd each other in ritual or for beauty. I don't believe in this Modern Primitive bullshit. Cavemen had it right, scribble on walls, eat off the land and club any girl you can catch and she is yours. Pretty funny I think. Anyways here is to another year of mutilating motorcycles and thinking it means more then it does. Ricky

P.S. David Mann always could capture that moment in life that you wish you could live in. One of my faves right here.

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