Sunday, October 21, 2012

One Of Those Days........

Had one of those days that makes you glad to be alive. Fall riding in the Midwest is the best there is. All the trees are changing colors. As you ride in and out of the hills the temp drops and rises like 15 degrees. Got pretty lost today and had the best ride of the year I think. Gravel roads, back roads, river roads and all of them were new to me. Almost 200 miles I guess and the last swap meet was this morning. Scored a old D&D cycle primary support with a new bearing installed. Score! Found one of the Adjust-o-wrench that I have learned to covet. Thanks Michael, and found a good split bar riser for the Sportster this winter. I always do it but I end up building a bike and working on my Ironhead every winter. So bring on the shit weather and I will really get some work done. If you live down under you should go to this event. I just like the art work and I think I really do have a oil stained brain.

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