Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why, How Come, and Whats The Deal?

The age old question that I get asked almost daily. Why Choppers, Why old Shit, Why vintage everything? Well today I had a old timer ask me this and all I could say was " Old Machines have SOUL". Made perfect sense to me but he looked at me like I was a freak. I am and that is fine. I went on and said I like being hands on with my bikes, I like fixing oil leaks, I like the sound my bike makes in the wee hours of the morning, I especially like to think about the life my bike has had. Every bike out there has had 1 to 3,000 owners.They have soul just like a person. Bikes need love and love is what they get. If you neglect your cycle it will most definitely bite your ass later. So we talked for awhile and he told me about all the bikes he had back in the day. I was jealous as fuck and this guy thought I was living some kind of nightmare. Says his knee still hurt from trying to kick a Sportster over in 1967. I walked up to my bike and showed him if the bike is set up right it goes like this. Gas on, switch on, and one solid kick from TDC and the Ironhead will fire everytime. He was impressed and then gave me a rash about my little tank. After 100 miles my ass is ready for a break anyways. So there you have my answer is SOUL.

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